Oh $#!+ BIG NEWS

Content is life at VC so it shouldn't be a surprise that we follow the latest trends in getting content seen. Especially the photo and video rich platform, Instagram. Its our JAM so we watch it closely. This new roll out is huge for businesses! Now video and hashtags are more important than we could have even imagined!  

Instagram has finally rolled out what should prove to be one of the most important updates to the platform since its inception. 

You can now follow hashtags. 

Until now, Instagram posts have been consumed in three main ways: you could follow the accounts of people you like, explore an automatically curated feed of posts Instagram thinks you might enjoy, or you could search for hashtags related to subjects you’re interested in.

How to follow a hashtag on Instagram? 

Following an Instagram hashtag is easy. Just search for a hashtag via the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, or tap on a hashtag on any post, to bring up a page of images related to that hashtag. 

You will now find a big blue ‘Follow’ button at the top of the screen. Tap that and you’re done. 

How to refine your Instagram hashtag searches? 

Selected posts tagged with your followed hashtag will now appear in your feed, but the hashtag, often a single word, can prove to be a rather blunt and sometimes hilariously ambiguous instrument.  

Thankfully, there’s a way to coax Instagram into giving you more of the posts you actually want to see by filtering out those you don’t. 

To do this, tap on the three-dots icon at the top right of any hashtag-based post and select ‘Don’t Show for This Hashtag’ from the pop-up menu. 

This will remove similar posts from your hashtag you follow, effectively training Instagram to learn your preferences

Share this info with your customers and fans and keep using those hashtags!! 

To Your Success! 


Photo by: Adrian Sava

***Info: Thanks Jeremy