Networking events, happy hours, holiday parties, and brand activation events are just a few of the fun events that you'll find yourself at this season. One thing you'll find at every good event is a photo booth. Whether you see a old school photographer clicking away, a walk-in booth,  or a kiosk, everyone's always got to have that selfie or group photo to post. 

Event coordinators have always been faced challenges when it comes to making the right choices for photography at an event. With the cost of digital photography so low it comes down to making sure the customer experience is awesome and not forgetting to capture attendees contact information so they can be added to email lists or social networks. Many new kiosks have the option of producing animated GIFs or can be wrapped with graphics to add value as a branding tool.

All in all, you will see a wide variety of methods to keep visitors entertained at parties and events this year. If you are an event planner or just having a party that you'd like to entertain your guests at with photos let us know! We have some amazing photographers on staff to handle your events photography or you can rent our stand alone social media kiosk. Choose from GIFs or photos and post directly to phone, email, twitter, and Facebook. 

Our development team can customize the brand experience to meet your marketing goals. Feature your logo and messaging on everything from our user-friendly touch screen interface to the outside custom skin.

Use our design team or have us partner with your marketing team to handle your own customization and design! Include branded Selfie and GIF booths with Green Screen and Cinemagraph options as well as several Social Media sharing capabilities.

Contact us with any questions or to see if your date is available for booking!!